About this Website


A number of elements have gone into the design and development of this website.

     The image on the home page, often called “the Flammarion engraving,” and first appears in L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire / The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology (1888, p. 163) by Camille Flammarion. Sometimes also called “the spiritual pilgrim,” this image is often erroneously believed to be medieval woodcut. The caption which accompanies the full engraving in Flammarion’s text reads, “Un missionnaire du moyen âge raconte qu’il avait trouvé le point où le ciel et la Terre se touchent …” [A medieval missionary recounts how he finds the point where heaven and Earth touch…] This image of a pilgrim piercing the cosmos is commonly interpreted as representing the quest for knowledge or enlightenment, but its usage has treated the quest as ranging from the scientific to the spiritual. Such interpretive multivalence makes it an ideal emblem for the unification of scholarship and imagination. (For more information, read about it onWikipedia ; the digital image source is the Library of Congress.)

     The title and headings font for this website asre in IM Fell Great Primer, designed by Igino Marini. The Fell suite of fonts is named after the seventeenth-century bishop and typographer John Fell.

     The body and menus are in Cardo, designed by David Perry. Cardo is based on the work of the Renaissance printer Aldus Manutius, and was “specifically designed for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and linguists.” 

     The menu is in Fira Sans, a humanist sans-serif typeface. 

     This website is maintained via WordPress on DreamHost . It was built with BoldGrid using the Swifty theme. Much assistance and counsel came from BK at Puny Mortal.